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Since 1992, R.E. Phillips has been handcrafting unique metal and wood bodied resonator instruments.



About R.E. Phillips Metal Guitars:

 Since 1992, I have been handcrafting unique metal and wood bodied resonator instruments.  I've had the opportunity to build for many of the great players of the Country Blues genre.  While my instruments use similar materials and construction to the guitars of the 1920’s, the resemblance ends there – All the designs are inspired by my great interest in the Art Deco period.  This results in instruments that are unique, visually and in tone production.

How This Started:

I had long been admiring National guitars from the 1920's-30's, but was unable to afford one.  In 1992, I decided to undertake building a metal resonator guitar.  I really had no intention of building instruments for sale.  After taking this first one (pictured here) out to jam sessions, people started asking me for them. 

What's New:

After many years and hundreds of instruments, I'm still completely absorbed in building.  Every time I string up a new instrument there's excitement and anticipation.  Making these instruments is just plain fun.  I now find myself in a place that I'll be able to develop lots of new designs and features. Look for new things here in the near future!

Have A Look Around:

Scroll down for a quick overview of my work.  If you click the tabs at the top of the page, you'll see many more instruments.  There's also a section devoted to the players that have toured the world using my instruments.  Or, you can bail out early and email: metalgitar@yahoo.com

Expore the instruments:

Round Neck Guitars


Parlors Small and Large, 14 fret,  Tricone and Wood Bodied Guitars



Soprano, Concert, Tenor Ukes

Everything Else


Hawaiians, Mandolins, Tenor Guitars

Round Neck Guitars

Small Parlor Guitars


Designed in 2005, the Small Parlor, with its lower bout of 11-1/4" is the most requested instrument that I offer.  Made of German Silver and with a 24 5/8" scale, it produces tone and volume far beyond its diminutive size. 

Large Parlor Guitars


Developed in 1994, this was the first small resonator guitar.  Light weight and easy to balance on the knee, its popularity has been overwhelming through the years.

14 Fret Guitars


Similar to a 12 fret body in length, this guitar excels at bass response.  Available in many scale and body material variations.

Tricone Guitars


Made of German Silver, and with a variety of neck/fret board woods.  Handcrafted in the tradition of the very first metal instruments in the 1920's.

Wood Bodied Resonator


Based on an L-00 body size and with hand woven maple grills, these are unique, attention getting guitars for sure.  Made from mahogany, curly maple and other woods on request.

Acoustic Guitars


An L-00 sized guitar with a 24 5/8" scale, mahogany body, sitka spruce top and ebony fret board.  It's loud, and very bluesy!


Concert Ukes


Developed in 2000, the concert scale ukes have been very popular through the  years.  Made from German Silver, with a 15.1" scale length, and many different neck and fret board woods have been used successfully.  The instrument is brilliant in its response and tone and with the re-entrant tuning, it displays the true island sound.   

Tenor Ukes


The tenor resonator uke was first made in 2006.  The body is German Silver, with many different wood combinations.  The tone is big and mellow, with room-filling volume.

Everything Else

Hawaiian Guitars


This particular Hawaiian guitar is in the shape of an old Weissenborn, made from German silver and uses a spider type cone system.

Tenor Guitars


The tenor resonator guitar made from German Silver.



F and A shaped mandolins are available with German Silver Bodies, a curly maple neck and bound ebony fret board.

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